Mum wakes to meet newborn son for first time after being in two-week coma after birth

Becky Rule, 27, nearly died from a brain infection but recovered despite only being given a one in five chance of survival.

She had arrived at the hospital complaining of a severe migraine and confused speech the day before her due date.

Both Becky and her unborn baby had dangerously high heart rates so doctors carried out an emergency caesarean.

Jackson was born a healthy 8lb 13oz (4kg) and was moved to the special care baby unit but Becky was fighting for life.


She suffered multiple seizures and was taken from Wrexham Maelor Hospital to Liverpool’s specialist Walton Centre, where she was put into the medically induced coma.

They gave her steroid injections to reduce the swelling on her brain as a last resort before operating.

It worked and she was brought out of her coma 14 days later — and was finally introduced to her child.

However, Becky cannot remember any of it.

She has had to learn to read and write all over again.

But Becky, who lives with partner Dan Harries, 25, is on the mend and her story was revealed after she celebrated Jackson’s first birthday.

And she believes her decision to get checked out quickly probably saved her baby’s life.


-The Sun

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