5 Strategies to Transform your life and Start Loving it Now

Unlocking your Purpose means that you will start listening to your inner voice, becoming self aware and follow your passions. I believe that this desire to unlock your purpose is coming from a deep place within you. It is like a whisper from the soul, an inner voice calling you to search or connect within, so that you can navigate your life from a place of purpose and express it to the world. The world needs your purpose and this is why you have a calling to unlock your purpose.

Purpose is the intention to live in a certain way. From intention comes inspirational action. Knowing your life purpose will inspire you to direct your life and set goals in alignment with purpose. In a way, it is the reason for living.

If you have this calling but not sure how to unlock your purpose, I am sharing 5 strategies that can help you start right now wherever you are.


Unlocking our purpose means that we have a good sense of self, we know ourselves from the inside out. So, connecting to our inner self is key. This is practically, self awareness.

Awareness is about paying attention. Self awareness, is about paying attention to yourself. It is about being able to observe your feelings, your emotions, your physical sensations, your thoughts, your habits, your behaviours, and your reactions. It is about practicing to be honest with yourself with the eyes of compassion and without judgement.

Some ways you can practise self awareness now:

Create space and time for ‘you’ in solitude.

  • Practise mindfulness meditation and the art of mindful living.
  • Express your thoughts, feelings and experiences in a journal or creatively through drawing as an example.
  • Practice Yoga or some form of mindful movement such as ‘Tai Chi or QiGong’.
  • Go on a retreat to break off the routine. The tranquil setting will help to connect within.


Your own story of hurts, pain, suffering can give you an insight on unlocking your purpose. Consider some of the challenging times you have had to face in the past. Reflect on how you overcame these challenges, the strengths that supported you. These strengths are your gifts. The wisdom gained through this challenge is also a gift. These gifts are part of your purpose on Earth that humanity needs.

As an example, Jim Kwik,   a world expert in speed-reading, memory improvement, and optimal brain performance, as a young child suffered from a brain injury that impaired him from learning and left him struggling at school. He was known as the ‘boy with the broken brain’. He did not give up, instead he turned his pain and struggle into a journey of learning about his brain that led him to discover accelerated learning. He did the inner work, transformed his inner beliefs. Then this wisdom, this strength became his passion to help others do the same! It is an amazing story as it shows us all the power of purpose.


 Values are those principles that give meaning to our life. Values shape our actions, our choices, our decisions, our behaviour. Values define who we are, what we stand for and how we lead our life. Are you aware of your values? If you are, spend some time in reflection and write them down. If you are not so sure, you will need to spend some time. Few reflections to ponder upon:

  • Take time to reflect on how you make choices. This might mean that you become mindful of the choices you make during the day. Observe how you these choices make you feel.
  • Reflect on what is truly important to you with honesty.
  • Identify 3 to 5 role models that you admire. Why do you admire them? Most likely, for the values they lead their life with. They could personify your own values.

There are also online values inventory which you could work with.


Your passion is what you love doing, what gives you ‘joie de vivre’. Passion is the fuel, what motivates you to get you moving towards your purpose.

Some ways to tap into your passions

  • Recalling childhood memories – As a young child what did you love doing? What were you good at? What were your hobbies?
  • What do you love doing right now and excites you?
  • What are you naturally drawn to? – What are you interested in without much effort? It could be a cause that you catch yourself following or talking about. Or maybe books that you are interested in.

I have seen many friends who have turned their       hobbies or interests into a purpose. They help others with their creative work.


Visualising your life once you become more self aware, aware of of your strengths, wisdom, gifts, and have tapped into your values and passion. This will give you a better vision of how loving your life looks like once you unlock your purpose.

The more you practice the visualisation and connect to your vision you will create an imprint in your subconscious mind. It will become your new way of life. It will motivate you to take inspirational action in alignment with your vision.

In the visualisation exercise, the sky is the limit. There are no limitations, it is impossible to fail, everything is possible. Allow yourself to visualise a life that you love. It is already within you, allow it to surface. During the visualisation you can also create an affirmation that you can repeat during the day!

With the desire, will and effort to unlock your purpose and the knowing that it is already within you you have the power to start transforming your life towards your purpose and start loving your life now.


-Global Woman