16 Weeks Pregnant: Symptoms and More

You’re in week 16 of your pregnancy. You’ve only got four more weeks until the halfway mark. If you haven’t experienced typical pregnancy food cravings, they may begin now.

Your baby at week 16

Your little one can now hold his or her tiny head upright, and his or her ears and eyes have finished their migration, finally situated in their meant-to-be positions. Babies at this stage are measured from their heads to their bottoms. This is called the crown-rump length. Most babies at this stage are about 4.5 inches long and weigh about 3.5 ounces. This is about the size of an avocado.

Your body at week 16

You are probably getting enough sleep, with more sleep comes more energy during the day. Your mood may also brighten, but don’t be surprised if you still experience the occasional mood swing. You may start feeling your baby moving for the first time, especially if this isn’t your first pregnancy. But don’t worry if you can’t feel anything yet – many women won’t notice their baby’s movements until 18 to 22 weeks into their pregnancy.

As you and your baby put on weight, it’s important to take care of your back since back ache is common. Make sure you stand straight and bend and lift correctly. Doing simple stretches and exercises can also help with back ache.

Your symptoms at week 16

  • Backaches. Your aching back is a side effect of pregnancy hormones. To ease backaches, make some time for low-impact exercise. Sit and stand up straight and regularly stretch your body.
  • Bigger boobs. Your breasts have probably gone up several cup sizes by now and should be completely prepped for breastfeeding by the end of the second trimester.
  • Constipation. Getting, um, stopped up is an unfortunate result of your uterus starting to press on your intestines. Load up on fiber-rich foods and drink lots of water to keep things moving.
  • Forgetfulness. This is also known as #PregnancyBrain. No one knows for sure what causes pregnant women to become more forgetful. It could be biological or it just could be a result of having lots on your mind!
  • Dry, itchy, sensitive eyes. Blame the hormones once again! You could try over-the-counter eye drops, but be sure to consult your OB before choosing one.
  • Glowing skin. Finally—that pregnancy glow that people are always talking about. Va va voom!

Tips for week 16 of you pregnancy 

  • Continue taking prenatal vitamins.
  • Continue drinking about eight to 12 glasses of water a day.
  • Pick up more regular or specialty pillows, if needed.
  • Start making baby name lists.